Harvest Fair 2017

This coming Saturday, October 7th, the Spencer Creek Growers Market will hold its 8th Annual Harvest Fair. We’ll have an all-day cider pressing — bring up to 3 bushels of apples (roughly 6 five gallon buckets) and either bring your own juice containers or purchase them at the market. We’ll be open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m during which we’ll have five live music performances. Our outdoor Cafe la Grange restaurant will feature salmon chowder, vegan autumn vegetable soup, bread rolls, gluten-free corn bread, fresh green salad, honey walnut pie and apple/plum pie with whipped cream. We’ll also have a corn-holing competition for all ages. Enjoy an old-fashioned country market where you’ll find plenty of fresh veggies along with crafters, food artisans, miniature dairy goat kids and a delicious all-local lunch with plenty of outdoor seating!