June 10th

June 10th: A lively Indoor Market

Because of the likelihood of rain today, the market will be set up in the downstairs dining area. We’ve been able to make room for five vendors who’ll be bringing fresh greens, eggs, strawberries, plant starts, vegan cookies, cakes, pastries & savories. Michael Kemp will also be on hand, providing his knife and tool sharpening services.

Genie is preparing a fabulous lunch that includes organic New England style Kenearly Yellow Eye baked beans, mixed salad greens straight from our own garden and sourdough bread rolls or biscuits or both. There will also be a selection of delicious homemade condiments.

The Fresh Ham jazz trio featuring saxophonist Fred Wesley, guitophonist Sean Gill, and bassophonist Hamilton Mays will be set up in the dining area playing standards and classic jazz tunes from a variety of eras. Originally scheduled to play from 1 to 2 p.m., Sean and company have agreed to play the noon hour in order to minimize the potential sound impact to a scheduled presentation (see our home page) in the upstairs hall.