Delicious Locavore Lunch every Saturday at the Spencer Creek Growers Market

Open Source Kitchen

Open Source Kitchen is a fundraising project sponsored by Spencer Creek Grange to coincide with Spencer Creek Community Growers’ Market during market hours. The Open Source Kitchen serves the community by offering healthful lunches made mostly from locally and sustainably produced ingredients, and by educating the public on the tempting possibility of switching to a diet which is not only healthful and delicious but supports our local economy while divesting from harmful industrialized farming methods. The meals are surprisingly affordable considering the quality of the ingredients. After covering costs of ingredients and production, the proceeds are split between the grange and the market (two separate non-profit business entities).

Most everything on the menu is vegetarian, much is vegan and gluten free, and on rare occasions we feature meat meals. Setting up each Saturday outdoors, Genie Harden assembles an array of locally grown fresh salad greens which can be augmented with organically grown Kenearly Yellow-Eye Beans, Purple Karma Hulless Barley, Garbanzo beans, fresh-picked salad greens and seasonal veggies. Sauces include pesto, cilantro, spicy carrot, asian and Indian curries, tahini, yogurt with toasted cumin and honey mustard vinaigrette. Genie also spearheads the locally famous Very Berry Pancake Breakfast, (one of Spencer Creek Grange’s most successful fundraisers), salmon chowder and berry pies at the Harvest Fair in October, and our new Locavore Hamburger Luncheon featuring locally and ethically raised beef.

The Ingredients

Because we love and respect our planet, our locale, and our neighbors, the ingredients are sourced with meticulous care. We make bulk purchases from Hummingbird Wholesale and purchase fresh produce from our own growers at our own market. We also buy from farmers selling at other local markets or through The Kiva.

Free Lunch Program

There IS such a thing as a free lunch! Volunteer or perform music at our market for just 2 hours and get a free lunch. We need help setting up in the morning (8:30 – 10:30 ish) tearing down in the afternoon (1-3 p.m.), washing dishes in the kitchen anytime, or washing and chopping veggies (8:30 – 10:30 a.m.)  Just contact Genie at (541) 341-1709. If you’re interesting in playing music in exchange for a free lunch, shoot an email to Rachel, our music coordinator.