Power of Produce Club

Thanks to a generous grant from Market of Choice, Spencer Creek Community Growers’ Market has launched a modified version of P.O.P Club (Power of Produce).

Whenever any kid (human type) of elementary school age comes to our market, they receive a $2 coupon “POP Bucks” to spend on fresh produce or plant starts, allowing them to make their own shopping decisions at the market. Later, when Covid 19 social distancing protocols are relaxed, we’ll move forward with the full program which includes food and farm activities for kids and tastings of new and interesting farm products.

P.o.P. Club started in Oregon City Farmers Market in 2011, and is currently being offered in 1000’s of farmers markets across the nation.  It provides a fun opportunity for children to engage in the local food system through conversations directly with farmers, educational games and demonstrations, and explore new fruits and vegetables.

Some ideas we look forward to implementing include:

  • Dressed up veggies for County Fair
  • Exploring a Worm Bin
  • Building Fairy houses
  • Felting real lambs wool
  • Grain and bean tastings and comparisons
  • Hand grinding locally grown grain and making pancakes
  • Making mosaics with locally grown grains and beans
  • Making smoothies with fresh berries
  • Planting milkweed for the monarch butterflies
  • Tye dying with natural dyes

Do you have another good idea to share?  Perhaps interested in volunteering a day with the kids?  Please email Genie Harden or call me at (541) 393-4227