Why Participate in our Buying Club with Hummingbird Wholesale?

A buying club allows you to purchase your finest quality organic staples grown locally and worldwide at wholesale prices instead of retail.  You can save a lot of money when you take advantage of this membership perk!  In fact, you can easily recoup your Spencer Creek Growers Market membership with the money you save using these wholesale prices for your pantry staples. 

Hummingbird Wholesale is a local food distributor and manufacturer that sources food directly from farms, both local and worldwide, in order to support farmers and local food systems.  They take  LARGE steps to achieve a TINY footprint and ZERO waste. Local deliveries-up to 1,000 lb. at a time are made to Eugene area stores with their two cargo tricycles. In 2017 they delivered over 300,000 lb. by bike!  What’s not to like?  

How does it work?  Place your order here from our website and we will negotiate with you the delivery and payment terms on a personal, neighborly level.  As an avid fan of the kitchen, I can attest that it’s my joy and privilege to help you access the best locally grown food at the best prices, from some of the finest people you’ll ever know.  Hummingbird Wholesale.  – G

June 4, 2021 Update: Please note that Hummingbird Wholesale has raised prices for all Buying Club members as of May 19th, reducing the savings that our members have previously enjoyed. We will continue to accept orders but we encourage folks to comparison shop at their favorite retail store for the best possible prices.