Paid and Volunteer Positions Available
Paid Positions
  • Market Manager: one for the Spencer Creek Grange site and one for the Bailey Hill Market site
    Receives $500 stipend per season. Attends most, if not all, markets. Oversees the set up and running of the market. Communicates rules and regs to vendors, assists and supports vendors, operates Point of Sales Terminal and distributes tokens, keeps the daily bookkeeping, has a broad knowledge of the workings of the market, state and county laws pertaining to food safety, troubleshoots and communicates with other board members.
Volunteer Positions
  • Membership coordinator
    Welcomes and recruits new members. Updates membership list, figures out how to connect Glenn’s vendor list with membership list, creates announcements via email and or phone, checks in on members, assesses needs, wants, complaints, sends out Hummingbird Wholesale price lists.

  • Special events coordinator
    Plans special market events, works with signage person, website/publicity team, recruits volunteers and delegates tasks.

  • Signage
    Keeps signs updated, makes new ones as necessary. Works with special events coordinator, music schedule, is creative, communicative, works within budget, doesn’t need to attend market regularly.

  • Children’s activities
    School liaisons – bring in school participation, must work actively during off season to organize events (e.g. ukulele ensemble) Children’s booth?

  • Café la Grange
    Provides lunches with highest quality locally grown ingredients available. Provides free lunches to musicians and volunteers. (Including those jobs listed above.) Is inspected by Lane County Environmental Health annually and pays county fees, weekly $25 to market, weekly $25 to grange for use of the kitchen. Organizes Harvest Fair and Hamburger Luncheon. Genie is currently running the Café but if you share her passion for imaginatively-prepared, high-quality, locally-grown food, she would be keenly interested in partnering with you.

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